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Your Recovery Compass

Helping you to navigate your loved one’s Eating Disorder Recovery journey

supported families

Providing you with the tools, skills and understanding to support your loved one’s recovery, through a six week live group programme

Helping you to navigate the stormy waters of eating disorder recovery
Helping you as parents, partners and family members, to navigate the eating disorder recovery journey

With this compass in your back pocket, you will be able to effectively support your loved one – and yourself.

We know that the road to recovery can feel very overwhelming and isolating, leaving you feeling lost and unsure of how to best support your family member.

But you’re not alone, and there is hope.

We know that you (whether you’re a parent, partner or family member) are looking for strategies that work, that can help you navigate this world that you now find yourself in. Strategies and tools that can help to support your loved one – and yourself – on this very challenging journey.

And we know that you need them NOW!


Lost? Navigating life with an eating disorder in the family without a compass or a map?

Feeling like you’ve landed on another planet, in another world, without any manual or roadmap?

Feeling like everything you say is wrong?

Overwhelmed, exhausted, frightened, angry, frustrated, full of fear, terror, guilt?

Fearful? For their health, for their future and for your ability to cope, as well as manage everyday life?

Feeling like a failure? As a parent, partner, family member or friend?

Consumed by a feeling of hopelessness - like this nightmare will never end? And everything that you read is only making you feel worse?

Feeling alone, isolated, with no-one to talk to? Feeling like no-one else really understands what it’s like?

Sick of confusing – and seemingly contradictory - information?

Sick and tired of people telling you what to do – and not teaching you how?

What if you had that Recovery Compass in your back pocket? How would you feel?

Empowered and confident to try out new things – that WILL work

Having realistic expectations of the recovery journey – understanding what’s involved and why bumps along the way are to be expected

Fully equipped with the tools, skills and language to effectively support your loved one on their recovery journey


Part of a ‘tribe’ – a community of people on the same journey, who TRULY understand what you’re going through

Strong enough to keep going – it’s a marathon not a sprint

That you’ve tapped into your superpowers as a parent

Compassionate towards your loved one – and yourself

That there is time in the day for YOU – and understanding how important that is – for everyone

Armed with Your Recovery Compass all of this is possible – and here’s how!

Introducing “Your Recovery Compass” – a comprehensive six-week group programme specifically designed for parents, partners and family members like you, who are dedicated to supporting their loved ones on the path to healing from an eating disorder.

This transformative programme provides you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to navigate this journey.

You’ll come away from each weekly session, no longer overwhelmed. You’ll be ready to take some action, to try things out. You’ll leave feeling calmer & in control.

You’ll no longer feel alone – we’ll be there to help and support you – and you will have ‘found your tribe’.

Our six week programme will teach you these evidence based skills:


Why we are our loved one’s superpower
Understanding the nervous system
The importance of being Calm
Which caring styles work best


Our loved one’s healthy self v ED self
Understanding Change
Can we encourage change?
The treatment and recovery process


What is compassion, really?
Compassionate communication
The importance of language
Why self-compassion matters too!


Some Do’s & Don’ts for Mealtimes
Guidance for Eating Out
Managing the speedbumps along the way
Avoiding the ‘panic’ button


The new ‘Rules of Engagement’
A language that works
Learning to focus on the big picture
Your chance to try it out!


….. with your loved one
….. with the treatment team
….. with your support network
And, finally, things to watch out for

supported families

What other parents have said:

‘I would have been lost without this. The six weeks together taught me real skills, rather than just talking. I left each week feeling hopeful for the future. I will always be grateful to you’.

‘Understanding the recovery journey and recognising that it wouldn’t happen overnight, and that I couldn’t ‘fix it’ was hugely helpful for me. I also loved having the space each week to explore what was going on for my child – with people who understand. This group was a lifeline for me during a really tough time’.

‘Invaluable support and advice. We really enjoy each much so, we look forward to the following week. Much more than this, it's just fantastic to know that we have SupportED Families to ease us through the unexpected times of trouble and smooth the uneasy feelings we have when we're not sure if we've handled them well enough. Each week, we all manage a few giggles in these sessions and these moments are very welcome.’

‘I loved the fact that the programme taught me skills – I’ve now used them to good effect with my other children!’

This is for you if:

You want to learn new skills to help support your loved one

You’re willing to try out new things

You want to feel less alone and isolated

You KNOW that there’s more that you can do to support your loved

This is not for you if:

You believe that you don’t need to make any changes

You can’t commit to the sessions at the moment

How parents feel after working with us:

‘Having someone to talk to who has walked in my shoes was such a huge benefit and relief for me. It’s a very lonely place to be when you there is nobody who just ‘gets it’. It was clear that you both understand completely the upset and frustration and worry and many other emotions that go hand in hand with having an ED in the house.’

How it works:

Your Recovery Compass group programme includes:
  • 6 x 1.5 hour group sessions on a Monday evening (6.30pm-8pm)
  • Each week we will focus on an evidence-based skill that can support the recovery journey
  • After each session we will share a Resource booklet, jam packed with content, tools and worksheets for you to try at home, as well as recommended resources for that week’s topic
  • Opportunity to connect with a supportive community of fellow parents, partners and family members who understand firsthand the struggles and triumphs of supporting a loved one through recovery. Share experiences, offer encouragement, and find solace in knowing you're not alone on this journey.
  • Q&A session with the experts!
  • Plus: when you sign up, we will share these resources with you worth €100!
    Access to our Online Carer Support Group for the duration of ‘Your Recovery Compass’
    Immediate access to our ‘From Fear to Focus: Eating Disorder Diagnosis from Basics to First Steps’ webinar
  • Investment: €500 upfront

    or two monthly payments of €250pm

    (Early Bird of €450 available if you sign-up to reserve your spot by the 19th April)
Helping parents and family members to support their loved ones on the eating disorder recovery journey

Hi, we’re Deirdre & Zuzanna. We are passionate eating disorder professionals who believe that parents, partners and family members are the ‘untapped superpower’ in their loved one’s recovery from an eating disorder.

We have seen, first hand, the positive impact that YOU can make when you are educated, equipped and empowered to support your loved one. Through our work, we are privileged to witness the improved family relationships that occur when parents, partners and family members are supported.

Our work is fully evidence based and informed by the latest research in the field of eating disorder treatment and family therapy. We believe in teaching parents, partners and family members that therapists use – why shouldn’t you learn tools that can make a significant difference to your loved one?

To find out more about us, click here: (Meet Us – Supported Families)

Experience the power of community, knowledge, and support as you navigate the journey of supporting your loved one through eating disorder recovery. Join “Your Recovery Compass” today and discover a brighter path forward.

If you think this could be the difference that you and your loved one need, book a free call with us now:


Learning the tools and skills that you need to support your loved one will save you – and them – lots of time in the long run. Investing time in you and creating space (even a little bit) to do things that you enjoy will help you to remain effective as a carer – and protect your own health and wellbeing too. Remember, an exhausted carer is an ineffective carer – and it’s totally understandable that you might feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

The evidence tells us that supporting the supporters and teaching them skills can accelerate the recovery journey. The evidence also tells us that having a family member with an eating disorder has a significant impact on the caregivers too – physically, psychologically, romantically and emotionally.

We know that parents, partners and family members will do ANYTHING for their loved one. They want with every fibre of their being for the loved one to recover. It takes time to learn and embed these new skills – time that can in turn shorten our loved one’s recovery journey. Invest now to save time later!

No problem! You can continue to attend our weekly sessions if that still works for you – or if you are unable to continue right now, you can pick up where you left off on a later programme

Yes we also offer a monthly rate of €255 per month.

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