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supported families

Parents, partners or other family members have noticed some worrying behaviours and have started to become concerned

This is typically where parents, partners or other family members notice some worrying behaviours, and have started to become concerned.

supported families
supported families

Are you right to be concerned about the ‘healthy’ eating and the (very) regular exercise?

supported families

The focus on food labels and calories?

supported families

The sudden interest in vegetarian food?

supported families

Food disappearing from the kitchen or food wrappers being found hidden in the rubbish bin or in the bedroom?

supported families

Could your child be struggling with an eating disorder?

Are you concerned with your loved one’s relationship with exercise or food?

Our webinar ‘Are you concerned with your loved one’s relationship with exercise or food?’ will answer all of these questions, provide you with the necessary, practical information you need as well as outline the steps you need to take in supporting your loved one on their journey to recovery. Available on demand or online (keep an eye here on our website or on social media for upcoming dates). €40 per person/€50 per couple (in-person). €40 on-demand (recording).

Finding the right treatment/professionals

When an eating disorder is suspected, we as parents are often paralysed by fear. We ask ourselves:

‘Is this really an eating disorder?’
‘Is it serious enough?’

supported families

Our initial focus (correctly) is on getting the right treatment and professional support for our loved one. This unfortunately can sometimes take longer than we like.

But we need support too – this is a crisis for us as parents, partners and family members. There is an expression that having an eating disorder in the family is like a ‘bomb going off’. The eating disorder impacts on everyone and everyone needs skills and support.

Over a number of sessions, Deirdre will help you to:

  • Understand the eating disorder illness better
  • Give you the tools and techniques you need to better support your child
  • Understand that you HAVE a role to play in supporting your child’s recovery – no matter their age
  • Feel more empowered
  • Feel listened to, understood and supported
Parent and Partner Coaching session 90 Euro
supported families

This 1:1 session with Zuzanna is intended to assist with assessment, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations. The session will (a) involve a history and interview(s), combined with the use of a number of assessment tools which will help to both formulate diagnosis and offer recommendations for treatment, as well as a risk assessment and (b) help to answer some of the following questions:

  • Is this disordered eating or an eating disorder?
  • Which eating disorder is it?
  • How severe is the presentation?
supported families

This assessment will enable the development of a strategic treatment plan, using proven evidence-based therapies, co-ordinated with other treatment providers as appropriate (for example, psychiatrist, GP, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and/or dietitian). Families are guided and supported by a team of professionals, working alongside them and their loved one.

Taking the first steps in recovery

Once our loved one starts treatment, (either inpatient or on an outpatient basis and most often with a multidisciplinary team (GP, therapist or psychologist and dietitian/nutritional therapist)), we might relax a little and feel that the first steps in recovery have been taken.

supported families

But we are often still full of questions, fear and overwhelm:

‘Did we cause this?’

‘Why us? Why did this happen in our family?’

‘What do we do next?’

We are looking for information, a ‘parents guide’, for support and education.

‘From Fear to Focus’ webinar

Our ‘From Fear to Focus’ webinar will help you to navigate the beginning of the recovery journey. You will learn the 3 most common questions that families ask (and I’m sure they are the questions that you have too!).

You will get:
Recovery Basics: An understanding of eating disorders and the recovery process
Basics for Parenting after Diagnosis: how to support your loved one and, equally as important, what NOT to do. Sometimes the things we have always done to support our loved ones no longer work. We will help you to understand why – and what to do instead
A Guide towards the next steps in the recovery process and help you to find the right supports

Available on demand or online (keep an eye here on our website or on social media for upcoming dates). 

€40 per person/€50 per couple (in-person). €50 on-demand (recording).

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