WEBINAR: Body Image

Webinar live: 16.10.23 6.30-8.30pm



Body image issues are often misunderstood and hard to challenge.

Body image issues affect 72% of our young people and the rates seem to be rising all the time. And it’s not just young people who are affected.

Do you struggle to answer your loved one when they say:

Mum, do I look fat in this’? ‘Mum I’ve gained so much weight I hate myself!’ ‘Am I pretty?’ ‘I feel fat!’

And of course, for many people suffering with an eating disorder, body image concerns loom large – and it can become even more of an issue as they start to recover. 

We will help you to:

  • Understand Body Image and Body Image issues
  • Help your kids to navigate today’s appearance focused & social comparison culture
  • Help them to navigate body based bullying 
  • Understand what to say and do and, as importantly, what not to say and do
  • And we will share some educational resources and tools with you

€40 per person (in-person), €50 per family (in-person), €40 on-demand (recording)

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