From Fear to Focus Online Course

Our ‘From Fear to Focus’ webinar will help you to navigate the beginning of the recovery journey. You will learn the 3 most common questions that families ask (and I’m sure they are the questions that you have too!).


You will get:
• Recovery Basics: An understanding of eating disorders and the recovery process
• Basics for Parenting after Diagnosis: how to support your loved one and, equally as important, what NOT to do. Sometimes the things we have always done to support our loved ones no longer work. We will help you to understand why – and what to do instead
• A Guide towards the next steps in the recovery process and help you to find the right supports

Available on demand or online (keep an eye here on our website or on social media for upcoming dates).



€40 per person (in-person), €50 per couple (in-person), €40 on-demand (recording)

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