WEBINAR: My child’s eating habits have changed. Should I be worried?

Webinar live: 11.09.23 6.30-8.30pm



This webinar is for you if you’ve noticed that:

  • your child (teen, adolescent or adult) has changed their behaviour around food 
  • is asking for ‘low fat’ and ‘healthy’ foods or decides overnight to become vegetarian
  • tries to avoid social occasions where there is food
  • appears to be withdrawing from social relationships/their mood has changed
  • your child underwent dramatic weight fluctuation
  • their relationship with exercise has changed
  • there are lots of food wrappers in their bedroom
  • food is going missing from the kitchen
  • your ‘spidey senses’ are telling you that something is ‘not quite right’ but you just can’t put your finger on it

We will help you to answer that question! 

We will help you to:

  • understand what you should be watching out for – what are the warning signs?
  • Learn when is the time to take action 
  • raise your concerns with both your loved one and the medical professionals – and how to persist, even when it feels you’re getting nowhere
  • understand what the recovery process/next steps will look like and
  • we will share some key educational resources and tools with you

€40 per person (in-person), €50 per family (in-person), €40 on-demand (recording)

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