Your Recovery Compass

Your Recovery Compass – Six weeks live program providing you with the tools, skills and understanding to support your loved one’s recovery and yourself.

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Your Recovery Compass – Six weeks live program providing you with the tools, skills and understanding to support your loved one’s recovery and yourself.

As parents, partners, family members or friends of a loved one suffering with an eating disorder,
diagnosis has a serious impact on us too. Suddenly we are in a different world, a world for which we
haven’t received any manual or roadmap. The language and communication skills that served us well
up to this point no longer seem to work. We are struggling to connect with our loved one – they
have become withdrawn, sad, angry (or both) and the person that we once knew seems very far
away. We are fearful – for their health, for their future and for our ability to cope, as well as manage
everyday life.
Understandably, the initial focus post diagnosis is finding appropriate treatment for our loved ones –
whether that be private or public, inpatient or outpatient. (We know that treatment is not always
easy to access and our system is far from perfectly equipped).

Through our work with families over the past number of years, we know that parents are also
looking for strategies that work, that can help them navigate the world that they now find
themselves in, that can help to support them – and their loved ones. And they need them NOW!
They are sick of confusing and seemingly contradictory information, they are sick and tired of people
telling them what to do, without teaching them how.
So how can we help? What does our Six Week Skill Building Group give you?

Our six week group:

  •  pulls together all the newest research on the science of eating disorders, from both a
    neurobiology and psychological perspective
  • is practical, hands-on and jam-packed with strategies
  • teaches you skills that you can use every day – to both support your loved one with an
    eating disorder and to communicate more compassionately with others in your life
  • comes with a comprehensive resource book that you can refer back to, again and again

You will:

  • gain a greater understanding of your loved one’s eating disorder and of the recovery process
    (spoiler alert: it’s rarely as quick as we would like it to be)
  • understand the neurobiology of challenging behaviours, how the nervous system works and
    how our loved ones can get ‘stuck’
  • understand the very important role that you play in the recovery process – and learn the
    skills to play this role effectively
  • learn how important self-care and self-compassion is for you as you continue on this journey
    and how to do it (spoiler alert: it’s not candles and bubble baths!)




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