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‘From Fear to Focus’ webinar

Our ‘From Fear to Focus’ webinar will help you to navigate the beginning of the recovery journey. You will learn the 3 most common questions that families ask (and I’m sure they are the questions that you have too!).

You will get:
Recovery Basics: An understanding of eating disorders and the recovery process
Basics for Parenting after Diagnosis: how to support your loved one and, equally as important, what NOT to do. Sometimes the things we have always done to support our loved ones no longer work. We will help you to understand why – and what to do instead
A Guide towards the next steps in the recovery process and help you to find the right supports

Available on demand or online (keep an eye here on our website or on social media for upcoming dates). 

€40 per person/€50 per couple (in-person). €50 on-demand (recording).

Over a number of sessions, Deirdre will help you to:

  • Understand the eating disorder illness better
  • Give you the tools and techniques you need to better support your child
  • Understand that you HAVE a role to play in supporting your child’s recovery – no matter their age
  • Feel more empowered
  • Feel listened to, understood and supported
supported families

This 1:1 session with Zuzanna is intended to assist with assessment, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations. The session will (a) involve a history and interview(s), combined with the use of a number of assessment tools which will help to both formulate diagnosis and offer recommendations for treatment, as well as a risk assessment and (b) help to answer some of the following questions:

  • Is this disordered eating or an eating disorder?
  • Which eating disorder is it?
  • How severe is the presentation?
supported families

This assessment will enable the development of a strategic treatment plan, using proven evidence-based therapies, co-ordinated with other treatment providers as appropriate (for example, psychiatrist, GP, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and/or dietitian). Families are guided and supported by a team of professionals, working alongside them and their loved one.

Learning Skills – Six Week Skill Building Group

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As parents, partners, family members or friends of a loved one suffering with an eating disorder, diagnosis has a serios impact on us too. Suddenly we are in a different world, a world for which we haven’t received any manual or roadmap. The language and communication skills that served us well up to this point no longer seem to work. We are struggling to connect with our loved one – they have become withdrawn, sad, angry (or both) and the person that we once knew seems very far away. We are fearful – for their health, for their future and for our ability to cope, as well as manage everyday life.

Understandably, the initial focus post diagnosis is finding appropriate treatment for our loved ones – whether that be private or public, inpatient or outpatient. (We know that treatment is not always easy to access and our system is far from perfectly equipped).

Through our work with families over the past number of years, we know that parents are also looking for strategies that work, that can help them navigate the world that they now find themselves in, that can help to support them – and their loved ones. And they need them NOW!

They are sick of confusing and seemingly contradictory information, they are sick and tired of people telling them what to do, without teaching them how.

So how can we help? What does our Six Week Skill Building Group give you?

Our six week group:

You will:

What have others said about our group?

Six Week Skill Building Group

includes full access to all the accompanying resources, free attendance at that month’s support group, and your key support person/additional family member can attend the group for free!

If you attend live (online), you get the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other families on the same journey. From the groups we’ve run so far, this has been hugely beneficial to families. They get tonnes of support, empathy and learning from others who understand what they’re going through. 

To facilitate parents and partners who might find it difficult to make the weekly meetings, we also offer an ‘on-demand’ version of the training, consisting of 14 hours of edited, pre-recorded training, which is complimented by two live online Q&A sessions with Deirdre & Zuzanna.

When you sign up to either group, you will also have free access to our online community, where you can share learnings, seek support and ask questions of our community. 

Cost: €350, which includes full access to all the accompanying resources, free attendance at that month’s support group, and your key support person/additional family member can attend the group for free!

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